Release 1.11.0

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June 6, 2017

You know the feeling you get from crossing that bulky item off your to-do list (the one that had been there forever)? That’s how we feel about Release 1.11.0.

We know audits are long. That’s why we bring you Category Audits and the ability to pick which aspects of your business to audit. We also have new system and compliance notifications for your dashboard, because our goal is the same as yours: Increased compliance, decreased workload.

  • Have you ever just wanted to audit a specific part of your business? Introducing Category Audits! You now have the ability to conduct audits for specific categories without having to conduct an entire audit. Better yet, Administrators and Managers can create multiple Category Audits, assigned to multiple users, in one fell swoop.
  • Notifications, notifications, NOTIFICATIONS! We’ve expanded the coverage of notifications in the dashboard. You’ll now receive updates regarding all compliance activities (like resolving an Action Item) as well as system notifications (adding users, locations, and licenses).
  • Speaking of the dash, you can now comment on all posts on your dashboard, and all company users will see those comments.
  • We recently limited the number of Administrators (formerly “Master Admin”) at a company to one. Some companies still had more than one Administrator, which we corrected by changing excess Administrators to Managers.
  • We updated your choices for license renewal reminders, most notably removing 180-day notifications.