Release 1.13.0

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June 28, 2017

This version brings a new level of synchronicity between the iPad and Web apps. Somewhat inconspicuous changes, but the kind to save teams headaches they never realized they were having. We also made enhancements to the Checklist feature and gave users the ability to swap one email address for another in their profile.

  • Long overdue, a user can now add and update the email address in their profile!
  • We remedied a problem allowing the deletion of all tasks from a Checklist. Now a Checklist requires a minimum of one thing you can check.
  • For a second there an issue caused the dashboard’s post-sharing feature to show you TMI (mainly, HTML tags). We fixed this and sharing is back up and running!
  • We fixed an issue where a Government Entity and Third-Party Auditor Inspectors couldn’t see posts on the dashboard. Sorry for keeping you in the dark.
  • A particularly frustrating bug made it so some perfectly good users weren’t appearing in the “Assign an Employee” page. Sorry for any and all gray hairs — assign away.
  • There was a bug preventing users from deleting a Checklist. We decided that went against the spirit of the Checklist and fixed it.
  • The percentages on the number of compliant answers in audit reports was  removed. We don’t want to mislead anyone, we just want to help you catch potential violations of the regs.
  • The Checklist module has been redesigned to enhance (and dare we say, simplify) the user experience for everyone involved.
  • We’ve updated the text and alerts during the audit creation flow, painting a clearer picture of next steps and making your teamwork just that much better.
  • The Self Audit statuses on the web app now match the iPad app statuses (“Pending”, “Downloaded”, “Synced”, “Finalized”).
  • We changed the MJB set-up process, giving extra info on the four-step process so you can get to doing what you do best. Faster.