Release 1.14.0

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July 4, 2017

Version 1.14.0 brings a wider range of flexibility to our users. Now, Employees have the ability to conduct audits! We also made it so a company’s Administrator role could be switched to another Simplifya user.

  • Prior to this update, Employees could only be assigned to and resolve Action Items. Now, they have the ability to conduct audits, as well as view any audits they’ve conducted.
  • Administrators now have the ability to remove themselves as the Administrator and add another user to the position.
  • Fix an issue where users would see comments from all users on dashboard posts made by Simplifya.
  • The Audit Request box disappeared from the dashboard of some Compliance Companies. We’re sorry about that, but it’s back and ready for checking.
  • When Checklists first came out, Administrators couldn’t give the same name to tasks, even if they were on different checklists. Name away.
  • For a checklist, now “Assignees” tells you whether the assignments you’ve created are still active or expired with nicely colored labels.
  • Audit numbers, once referred to as “Inspection No.”, are a little more formal and a lot smarter. Now, your “Audit No.” is an 18-character code that tells you the date of your audit, the type of audit, and more.
  • On a user’s dashboard, system notifications became easier to distinguish from audit-related updates. They’re the slightly less frequent ones with the blue box.
  • The window where you can “Assign an Employee to [Checklist] Checklist” just got a little snazzier.