Release 1.15.0

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July 13, 2017

We always aim to make your day-to-day easier, but Version 1.15.0 really hits the mark. We’ve simplified the process of reviewing your action items. We’ve brought all your most relevant license info right into the dashboard. Lastly, we’ve guaranteed you have the most recent versions of our regulatory content the moment you download your audit for optimal coverage.

  • Licenses expire, that’s why we want all your license information to be at your fingertips. Now, when you hover over license numbers in your dashboard, more information regarding that license will appear.
  • We’re constantly updating our content, because today’s questions don’t always cover tomorrow’s regulations. Now, your audit questions are generated when you download the audit instead of when you schedule it.
  • We redesigned the format of Action Items in your audit reports. They’re a little less information overload and a lot easier for your team to understand, because resolution is compliance’s best friend.