Release 1.15.3

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July 21, 2017

Version 1.5.3 squashes some recently uncovered bugs and one frustrating auto reload on the dashboard which might have caused one of your posts to…

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but the (hot)fix is in.

  • An issue in Category Audits was causing users assigned multiple categories to only receive the questions belonging to the last category that was added. Sorry!
  • Sometimes we attach questions relating to your local jurisdiction regs to a relevant state question — it’s part of the magic of keeping you fully covered. Some of those local questions were populating on audits in other locations. That has been corrected, unlike our feelings of remorse.
  • You might have attempted to mark an Action Item as complete only to see a rogue loading screen. The good news is it was being closed, but you had to refresh the page to see that. This is resolved.
  • We removed the auto reload feature from the dashboard because it was causing text boxes that hadn’t been submitted to be cleared. We’re going to fix this soon and add it back. In the meantime, “Ctrl + R” for you Windows users and “⌘ + R” for you Mac users.