Release 1.16.0

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July 27, 2017

Version 1.16.0 brings the in-audit experience to the Simplifya web app. Consider yourself freed from the need for a tablet, and say “hello” to the advanced accessibility of everyone at your company having an auditing tool in their pocket. Yep, it’s mobile responsive, meaning you can find it in your mobile browser as well!

  • No tablet? No problem. Now, you have the power to conduct your audits from any device, any time. Using our web application, an audit can be conducted from your computer or your mobile device, freeing you from both the cost and the necessity of a tablet. No texting while auditing!
  • We added new functionality to the notification system so you know when a user is removed from an Action Item and when a user reopens one.
  • We redesigned our “Create an Audit” page, reordering the list of fields so the audit creation process is that much more intuitive.
  • We updated the text in all of our confirmations and alerts to be clearer than ever before. The devil’s in the details.