Release 1.17.0

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August 11, 2017

Version 1.17.0 sweetens the pot with a fresh new design theme. But even slicker are the hacks we’ve added to help you move faster through the audits, including: a shortcut button for creating audits, a search bar to help you find a question mid-audit, the ability to change answers post-audit, and the option to jump into a Category Audit right after creating it.

  • We’ve implemented an in-audit search bar across all our apps, giving you the ability to find a question by keyword as you’re conducting an audit.
  • Maybe the biggest smallest feature we’ve ever added, you can now change the answer to an audit while it’s in the “Synced” status. No more fat fingering and tied hands.
  • We’ve added a shortcut to your navigation pane (behold the green plus button) so you can create an audit no matter where you are within the Simplifya web app. Time saver!
  • Now, add any local licenses and permits you’d like to your account. Meaning you’ll have access to the same set of renewal reminders we give you for your state licenses. Keep in mind, these will have no bearing on the questions you see during audits.
  • If you’ve been saving time with Category Audits, now you can move even faster with a “Do Audit Now” button. Go straight into a self-assigned Category Audit right from the audit creation screen.
  • Some users weren’t receiving the renewal reminders they’d set for license renewals. We couldn’t be more apologetic for any trouble that caused.
  • A bug in our Checklists feature prevented a checklist from being assigned if it only had one task on it. That’s one item we’ve checked off.
  • If you’re an MJB who was trying to renew your subscription but couldn’t, we’re sorry about that. This is fixed now.
  • The calendar for selecting dates when assigning users to a checklist was a little funky. It’s been fixed and we hope Gregory XIII is as proud as ever.
  • Some bugs making filtering or sorting users in Admin Manager unnecessarily hard. Consider them squashed.
  • Profile pages were still showing user roles that are no longer up-to-date. We fixed that, mister Master Admin. We mean… Administrator.
  • We’ve upped the ante on how you can search and filter checklists. Sort through all your assignments by assignee, location, checklist name, and frequency to slice and dice who’s doing checklists. And more importantly, how well.
  • For those of you ahead of the curve on conducting audits in the web app, you can save your progress at any time and come back later.
  • We’ve adjusted the way locations and licenses play together. Previously a location was only allowed one of each license type. Now you can “grow” to have as many of a license type at a single location as needed.
  • We switched the third option on audit questions from “I don’t know” to “Pending”. You know, the one you hit when you know the answer, you just don’t know it now.
  • We recently changed the way we populated questions in an audit, guaranteeing all questions included are their most current versions. We did some manual work to reset some audits created before the change (but that weren’t done yet). These now have all of the newest question versions.