Release 1.18.0

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We’ve spent a lot of time in recent weeks working on some particularly useful features for you and your Employees. Alas, they’re not done yet, so with Version 1.18.0 comes important bug fixes and a few improvements to the process of requesting a Third Party Audit.

  • An Employee who’d been assigned a checklist could view that checklist in their dashboard, but not in the Checklists (the link was missing). It’s back.
  • When we gave Employees the ability to conduct audits, we intended for them to also be able to see the entirety of audits they’d conducted. That didn’t happen on the first try so we made a bug. Then we squashed it.
  • Third Party Auditors creating an audit for non-Simplifya companies were receiving an error message. That headache was as splitting for us as it was for you, and we apologize.
  • You might have seen an odd character (“’”) taking the place of apostrophes in some audit questions. We use Microsoft when creating and editing our content, and that’s their (odd) version of a copy-and-paste practical joke. Those errors have been cut out.
  • Half bug, half update: We removed the “edit” button from Action Item comments. We believe doing so keeps the integrity of your reports and Action Items.
  • For Third Party Auditors creating an audit using the new quick link in the menu, the option for selecting a business not already on Simplifya was missing. We added it back in, and now it’s truly quick.
  • If you were a TPA trying to create an audit for business that had 2+ of a license type at their location, well, you couldn’t. Now you can.
  • We recognized there was a little bit of confusion about what happens after you request an audit from one of our registered Third Party Auditors. Now you’ll have a new helpful banner giving you information on what comes next. Spoiler alert: The Third Party Auditor should be calling you.
  • When requesting a Third Party Audit (yes, again), you could specify the location for auditing, but not the licenses. We’ve added this field, making everyone that much more informed.