Release 1.18.5

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September 11, 2017

Broader design improvements often take a back seat to the auditing and compliance interfaces, unless they make the app significantly easier for you to use. We’re happy with things being that way. Cue up 1.18.5, where a host of updates and fixes set out to make the app easier to use.

  • You might have tried to set up a Category Audit, only for the system to tell you there were no questions in that audit. That’s because the categories weren’t being filtered correctly. Now you can only see categories that have questions for a given license.
  • When you clicked “Cancel” in the above scenario, it cleared all of the information you’d entered. Why, you ask. We’re so sorry, we say.
  • Some of the email notifications for the Checklist feature weren’t firing or were firing when they weren’t supposed to. Since that’s either annoying or annoying, we got the back in order and apologize for being, well, annoying.
  • A particularly deceptive bug was causing a Third Party Audit request that had been canceled to not show as “Canceled”.
  • There were some rogue drop-downs across the site that didn’t have their items ordered alphabetically. The team went Sesame Street on them.
  • Likewise, there were some hiccups with the way the audits list in your Audits module were sorting. Not anymore.
  • While trying to request an audit from a Third Party Auditor, inactive locations were showing. We removed them.
  • The app footer (where you see all of our terms and company info) was getting a little handsy and covering up the load more button on your dashboard.
  • Profile photos were getting switched on user invites. That’s embarrassing.
  • There used to be round icons on all of the tables (think your list of users) for deleting, editing, and viewing records. We found those to be misplaced and unsightly so we’ve made the entire row clickable and moved those buttons. Now they’re on the page where you can view Johnny Doe’s details, making it a little easier to avoid errant clicks of that “Delete” button.