Release 1.19.0

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September 26, 2017

Besides Simplifya now tracking your employees’ occupational licenses with your Metrc API key (ho hum), we’ve made some significant changes to what you see when looking at a self-audit in the review stage.

  • Your dashboard is now home to a section called “My Action Items.” It lists every Action Item assigned to you in one place. Comment, update, and resolve, without ever leaving the dashboard.
  • If you haven’t added your Metrc API key, now’s the time. Simplifya now imports employees’ Metrc badge information! Administrators and Managers can track license expirations within the Admin Manager, and everyone will receive reminders of a pending badge expiration.
  • Want your employees to do the legwork of tracking their badges? Go to the Settings module, grab your unique URL, and share with employees however you’d like. It’s a fast way for existing users AND those not yet on the app to connect Simplifya accounts to occupational license numbers.
  • If you’d noticed your dashboard loading for longer than a few seconds when you logged in, that’s our bad. We re-worked some things, so now you’re in and ready to go faster than you can say “Compliance.”
  • We’ve added a notification letting you know your “Session has expired” (ie, you’ve been inactive for a while, and should probably refresh the page).
  • When you lose wi-fi while conducting an audit on iPad/Android, the “Yes”/”No” buttons gray out and become unclickable. We’ve added some messaging to let you know what to do (spoiler: get back on wi-fi, click “Save & Exit,” then come back).
  • You used to be able to leave a long, detailed comment on an Action Item, but by the end of your pristine response, the beginning text would not be visible, leaving you to side scroll back and forth. We fixed it since that’s no way to proofread.
  • Speaking of Action Item comments, every now and then, something was causing an uploaded photo to not show. In its place was the typical “no photo here” thumbnail. That something is gone.
  • We removed the “profile” link from the set-up wizard (the screens where new businesses add locations and licenses after signing up). We realized were you to click it, there was no way to get back to the set-up wizard. Keeping it simple, wiz kid.
  • We tweaked a couple things in the view where you look at/respond to/close an Action Item. No big deal.
  • To keep you honest, we’ve removed the compliance status when reviewing questions after an audit is synced. You can still change your answers, you just won’t know if you’re “Compliant” or “Non-compliant” until you finalize the audit. It’s also more obvious what your current answer is (as in “Yes” or “No”).
  • There’s a new email being sent to users after they’ve synced an audit, letting them know it’s time to review your answers and dot the I’s in your notes.
  • For Action Items that haven’t been resolved yet, we’ve added a new email to send every 72 hours until it’s closed. And there’s only one way to make it stop.