Release Notes 1.21.0

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January 25, 2018

Checklists no more. We’ve completely overhauled our SOPs module to bring you an SOP-building, assignment-automating, version-tracking super module that’ll help your company stay on top of SOPs better than you’d ever imagined.

  • Take your documentation up a notch by creating a new version of one of your existing SOPs. With the click of a button, you can duplicate an SOP, so making an update won’t cost you an accurate view of previously completed SOPs.
  • Have an SOP that doesn’t need to happen daily (or happens infrequently)? Self-assign an ad-hoc SOP with the “Complete Now” feature. As part of that, Employees can now preview an SOP, though they still can’t edit them.
  • We’ve finally improved the way you assign SOPs. Long gone are the days of employees being assigned SOPs on days they aren’t scheduled. Now you can set assignments for specific day(s) of the week or dates of the month. And, yes, we see the irony in how long it took us.
  • For those whose wi-fi is more like where-fi, we’ve made it easier to conduct an SOP away from your computer by 1) making the screen where you conduct an SOP mobile responsive and 2) giving you the ability to download an up-to-date PDF of the SOP you’re assigned to.
  • Take your SOP documentation up another notch by attaching notes and photos when conducting an SOP. There’s no excuse, except for the one left in the comment box.
  • Headers, headers, read all about it. Every SOP you make can now be given high-level information such as a “Policy” or “Scope”, meaning the actual reasoning behind your SOP won’t be lost by anyone conducting it.
  • A small change with big implications, you can now add an “Effective Date” to each SOP as a way to let users know when an SOP should become, well, effective. Hint: This dish goes nicely with the ability to copy over an SOP.
  • What do “batch names” and “room numbers” have in common? They can be both be added to an SOP you’re conducting.
  • Each day, Managers at your locations will receive an email with the status of the previous day’s SOPs at their locations.
  • We realized making you go through an audit and assign Action Items one-by-one can be time consuming (besides being ripe for ball-dropping), so we’ve made it a requirement to assign all Action Items to a Manager when you finalize the audit.
  • We’ve updated the email letting a user know they need to get their a… Action Item in gear. We’ve added the name of the assignor of the Action Item.