Release 1.21.1

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February 1, 2018

Just some miscellaneous bug fixing. No cause for excitement (or concern).


  • We send an email out to a user assigned an SOP letting them know it’s due that day. We were a little antsy to “spring ahead”, so we caused it to fire on the wrong date. Kidding, we just made a mistake and calmly fixed it.
  • There was a bug preventing Third Party Auditors from finalizing an audit. That’s a biggie and we take it seriously. Sorry about that.
  • Somehow, dashboard posts made by Simplifya Admin weren’t showing for the Administrator on MJB accounts. After some soul searching, we found we don’t actually don’t have a problem with authority, so we fixed it.
  • SOPs shouldn’t have the “Complete Now” button if there are no tasks in them. We know this because before we squashed this bug, clicking that button resulted in an annoying error.
  • Adding a picture while auditing via the web app was making time stand still. Scratch that, it was just taking uncomfortably long. It’s fixed now, Dr. Strange.
  • You might have received an error while trying to edit one of your employees. You can’t change a person, but you should be able to update their role. Either way, try again and you won’t have an issue.