Release 1.22.1

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February 22, 2018

We’ve piled even more stuff onto our SOPs feature, giving our regulatory experts the tools to build Simplifya SOP Templates (which can be downloaded and saved by MJBs) along with some other nice-to-haves we couldn’t fit the first time around. Oh, and this sprint saw us get started with the under-the-hood stuff for our new Document Storage feature. More to come on that.

  • We’ve rolled out a content-heavy new feature called SOP Templates. These are Simplifya-created SOPs that are packaged (for the record, we call them “SOP Packages”) across the different functions of a business. We started with California-based SOPs first, but don’t worry, Colorado, we love you and it’s coming.
  • Remember how tight the deadline was when an SOP had to be conducted by midnight, never to be edited again? Well we figured an SOP is more like a driver’s test than an American Idol tryout, so we made it possible for an assignee to re-open them… infinitely.
  • With the re-opening of SOPs (get it?), we thought it made sense to keep track of all the actions happening within said SOP. Enter the “Assignment History” box. It keeps a running list of all the times an SOP assignment was opened/closed and tasks were checked/unchecked.
  • When you create a new version of an SOP, you can now copy over its assignees. Users who’ve been copied over will start being assigned the new version the date it becomes effective.
  • We made the ordering system for SOP sections alphabetical to differentiate them from the numerical ones used by tasks. Chalk one up to learning how to make an outline in high school.
  • Any time you update the header information in an SOP, the changes will save automatically when you click somewhere else on the page. For those lovers of redundancy, we’ve left the “Update” button.