Release 1.23.1

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March 4 , 2018

A few more hot fixes. Change never stops.

  • If you were an Administrator trying to update your company info, you might have noticed the “Save” button graying out after you clicked it. Well, the info was being saved, but your sanity might not have been. We fixed this, and you can have your sanity back.
  • We weren’t providing an error message when a card on file was getting declined during payment. We figured out what was happening, and we’re sorry for any unnecessary interruptions in service.
  • If a user had two invitations to create a Simplifya account and they clicked the earlier one, they intentionally receive an error message. That error message, however, was unintentionally not helpful. We’ve made it better.
  • We came across a license dropdown where the options weren’t listed alphabetically. A-B-C-D-E-F… ixed.
  • We grammarized the modal that opens when you want to add a new license to your account.
  • A while ago, we added a button allowing you to change the answer to a question while your audit is “In Review”. At times that button covered up the tail end of an auditor’s notes. Now there’s nothing more to hide.