Release 1.24.1

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March 19, 2018

First came the ability for users to track their open Action Items in the dashboard. Now, we’ve taken the next step in how Managers can make sure no Action Item is undone. Take that, forgetfulness.

  • Now Managers and Administrators have access to all of their Action Items in a single view. Visit the new sub-module within AUDITS to view Action Items by assignee, audit, status (open/closed) and even search by the text of an Action Item. We’ve made it so you can slice-and-dice any way you’d like, as well as assign/resolve without leaving.
  • Building SOPs is significantly faster with new shortcuts allowing you to move a task to the top or bottom of the list, as well as add it to an existing section. Catch your breath, and then look for those three dots in the top right corner of any task or section header.
  • Speaking of the “My Action Items” dashboard box (i.e., where a user can see all their open Action Items), it’s been moved up on the dashboard. Now it’ll be one of the first things users see when logging in.
  • Whenever an audit is finalized at one of your locations, every Manager at that location will receive a notification via email.
  • In an effort to keep your Admin Manager clean, we’ve made it so you can delete users. Like, really delete users. It’s irreversible. Also, this is a friendly PSA: Always read your confirmation pop-ups.