Release 1.26.0

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May 11, 2018

Document storage, remediation reports, easier navigation, and more!

  • We added to the DOCUMENTS module. Now there is a clear statement on the page letting you know how much of your company’s storage is being utilized!
  • We have added a new section to the Manage Audits page. Now, if you click ‘Remediation Report’, you can receive a report for each finalized audit that had at least one Action Item identified. This report will show if the Action Items have been resolved.
  • In Smart Cabinet, users were able to add locations and licenses to a document without first selecting a Document Type. This has been updated so the functionality is users must select a document type first.
  • We fixed a problem that would cause the list of SOPs in Manage SOPs to not show if your browser window size was too small.
  • There was an issue that caused a California SOP to be formatted incorrectly, but it is now formatted the correct way.
  • In the Action Items section of an audit, there were two separate drop-downs at different points that displayed incorrect information. They are now correct!
  • Typo. We don’t want to talk about it, but it’s fied.
  • As a Third Party Auditor, you can now save the business information of companies not on Simplifya. Now you don’t have to re-enter it for every future audit. And we’re sorry it took so long.
  • Before, you could only see your Action Items. Now, users can see Action Items for all Employees at their company and can filter these Action Items by Employee.
  • In the list of Action Items, we cleaned up the Assignees to make it a little more readable (particularly when you have multiple assignees).
  • In order to help you understand SOPs clearly, we took the Manage SOPs page and added links to external pages that explain the best practices for creating and using SOPs.
  • We added instructions to the Manage SOPs page to help you create SOPs quickly and easily.
  • The Manage SOPS page has been updated so the list of SOPS is easier to read.
  • We also updated some text on the DOCUMENTS page to make it easier to navigate.