Release 1.27.1

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May 25, 2018

Compliance Companies? WHAT ARE THOSE?? Say hello to Ancillary Companies, improvements to the auditing experience, and less email notifications.

  • This update allows for Ancillary Companies to pick and choose the bundles they wish to use. This lays the groundwork for some new features designed for Ancillary Companies.
  • We improved the flow of changing of answers when an audit is “In Review”. When changing an answer which will add new child questions to the audit, the process was a little cumbersome. Now it’s that much simpler.
  • Instead of “Compliance Company”, we decided “Ancillary Company” was more fitting for the consultant account type. So now, non-Marijuana Businesses (formerly “Third Party Auditors” or “Compliance Companies”) are referred to as Ancillary Companies.
  • Addressed to make your auditing experience as seamless as possible, you’ll only see duplicate state/local questions once when conducting a state and local audit. This includes combining the citations for both questions so you still see them all.
  • Getting too many emails from us? We’d heard concerns our system was sending too many email notifications. While we want you to get your updates on your compliance, it’s important you only get the most meaningful. We’re working towards a single email with all your daily notifications, but in the meantime, we suspended some emails, thereby starting you on the spiritual journey to a decluttered inbox.
  • But… some emails are necessary. Like an email that notifies you 24 hours before an audit is due and one that lists what SOP’s you have to complete that day.
  • Ancillary Companies can now specify which state(s) they operate in. Not only is this helpful for us, but it also makes it possible for MJBs to only see auditors who work in their market.
  • Ever wonder what your Account Type is? Your SETTINGS now show your Account Type (Marijuana Business, Ancillary Company) for easy reference.
  • We added a different color scheme so Ancillary Companies are distinguished differently than a Marijuana Business within the Simplifya app.