Release 1.27.2

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May 25, 2018

Hot-fixing SOP features, picture storage, and updates to our copyright information.

  • When adding citations to your SOPs tasks, the citation field would not populate correctly. We don’t want you typing every citation every time, so we fixed it for you!
  • There was a bug in SOPs allowing users to edit an SOP Template. Of course, we wrote these templates to keep you fully covered (plus our Regulatory Analysts put a lot of work into them), so we squashed that posthaste.
  • Some long SOP tasks were not moving to the next line after a certain amount of text. Now, all your line breaks will be reflected in the SOPs being conducted by your team.
  • We trimmed down some of the text in SETTINGS. More streamlined. Less verbose.
  • There was a case where if you created an SOP to be done the same day and deleted it, the recording of the SOP in our database was a little messed up, but we corrected it so you get the correct information.
  • Stored images in the database were being saved with a slightly lower resolution. Now your original image is saved just the way you want it.
  • We upgraded our footers in both our emails and our web application to have correct copyright information while also tweaking the design a little.