Release 1.28.0

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June 18, 2018

Say “Hello!” to our brand new feature, the Oversight Portal. We released a beta version of Oversight Portal as well as included several updates and fixes to the app overall.

  • We’ve launched the beta of our newest feature: Oversight Portal. Oversight Portal makes use of our Smart Cabinet technology to give ancillary companies (consultants, banks, insurance, etc.) the ability to oversee a cannabis business’s compliance activity. So if you work with plant-touching companies and you’re “anci” for a better way to work with them, we’ve got just the thing for you.
  • If you have tried to attach a photo to an Action Item in your quest for compliance, you may have had your way blocked by a tricky bug. We’re sorry, it’s fixed, and may your quest continue on (with all the photos you want)!
  • If you needed to reset your account’s password and tried to go through the reset password flow twice, you would get an error if you clicked the link from the first reset password email. The error response wasn’t very helpful. Until we cleaned it up for you!
  • When MJB users would get a request for a Third Party Audit and decline, an error occurred that crashed the app. We don’t want to force you to accept anything, much less a Third Party Audit request, so that has been fixed.
  • When you tried to download a Finalized audit report, the password modal didn’t close after the download button had been clicked. We fixed that (and the way the modal text looked), because cutting down on annoyances is part of our Modal Operandi.
  • Users can now do audits with either state or state and local content (read: you can’t do a local only audit). To make it easier (and quicker) for you to audit for state and local regs all at once, our local jurisdiction audit content only covers things not covered by state regs. Since doing a local audit doesn’t fully cover you, we didn’t want to give the wrong impression.
  • Users can now see the details of who created an SOP and when it was created.
  • On your list of SOPs, you can now see the number of “Active” assignments (it used to be the total number of people assigned). Yeah, there’s a difference, and it’s important.
  • A warning message will now appear in the Web Application when users have not fully synced an audit from the Simplifya Auditor application so they know to finish syncing.
  • When downloading an SOP as a PDF, you can now see the relevant citations listed underneath the names of each task (if any).