Release 1.28.5

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July 11, 2018

Get ready to oversee businesses or have someone oversee your business! Oversight Portal is officially live with a slew of new functionality we added post-Beta release. This release also incorporates some great updates throughout the application. And a few bug fixes, but we don’t like to talk about those.

  • We wanted to give you ultimate control over your SOPs. Now, you can add documents to an SOP that any user conducting that SOP can access!
  • We realized it was tedious to go through and assign permissions for every document in a Binder. So, we are now introducing the ability to add bulk permissions to a document for 1) anyone who’s a Manager or 2) everyone at your company.
  • When a user would click “View Oversight Portal” in Smart Cabinet, they would be taken to the Oversight Portals page. We made it so they are taken directly to that Oversight Portal.
  • If you tried to create a new SOP, you would have seen that the field to type in the name was missing. As much as we want you to use our SOPs, we want you to be able to make your own and name them anything you want. Sorry about that!
  • When looking at the details of an SOP template, you probably saw a number where it said State. As much as you want to learn the insane ways we number states, we figured just showing the state name would make it easier on you.
  • If an SOP template gets deactivated by us, you could still navigate to it with some accidental computer wizardry. These templates are generally out of date, so now you can’t get to them anymore. You’re welcome!
  • Users could edit the name of our template when they saved them to their account. However, we need you to keep the name the same so we can update you when a new version is released, so we removed this ability for users.
  • We wanted to give you more options for customization everywhere you type, so we gave you rich text formatting so you can make your SOP tasks and audit notes look especially fancy.
  • We wanted to make it overly easy for companies to spin up new Oversight Portals while avoiding the tedious task of adding the same Document Types all over. So now you can copy Document Types from one Oversight Portal to another.
  • What makes searching through documents in your Smart Cabinet easier? Filtering. Now you can filter your documents in Smart Cabinet by “Document Type”, “Locations”, and “Licenses” you’ve attached to a document.
  • We wanted to make it clear which SOPs were saved from our templates (and on the flipside, which SOPs were yours). Now, any SOP template you’ve saved will have a pretty yellow indicator telling you so.
  • During the Beta release of Oversight Portal, we wanted a better way to give Overseers relevant notifications for the documents they’re requesting. We created an email that will fire to anyone the Overseer chooses with a list of documents uploaded (or not uploaded) to an Oversight Portal.
  • Now, when you finalize an audit, you now navigate to the finalized audit report instead of the Manage Audits page.
  • After creating a new SOP, you now land on the edit screen for that SOP rather than seeing the whole list of SOPs.
  • We saw the “Bi-weekly” and “Semi-monthly” options for assigning an SOP as unnecessary based on user usage, so we removed them to streamline the process of assigning an SOP.