Release 1.29.1

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July 24, 2018

Non-cannabis audits, deleting audits, audit reports, SOP Templates, and more! This release includes several quality of life updates and fixes as well as new functionality that gives you a surefire way to keep tabs on your compliance even more than before!

  • The first thing about being a cannabis business most businesses experience is the fact that several non-cannabis aspects go into maintaining your business. We want to help you in every way we can, so, we are introducing non-cannabis audits for you to take care of all of your business’ compliance.
  • We want the ability to get all your compliance data to be streamlined and easy. Our old Audit Reports page needed a lot of work to meet our goal. So, we are now launching a redesigned Audit Report page to get your compliance information to your eyes with ease with a cleaner display of information and stronger filtering.
  • Ever make a test audit to demo the app to your employees? This test audit ultimately skews your compliance results. So, we have officially given Administrators the ability to delete past audits!
  • We realized our SOPs page was pretty cluttered with information that wasn’t the most conducive to the flow of the app. To clean this up, we moved SOP Templates to their own module, as well as a new way to search through the Templates and updates to how the Templates are organized.
  • We want to keep you aware of your Employee’s and their status with the state. So, we have created an alert system so that both Administrators and Managers for the Employee’s location are aware when an Employee’s badge is 45 days from expiration.
  • When sending an Oversight Request, if you started to enter an email and cleared the field, there were validation errors that made it seem you could not send the request. We cleaned this mess up so you can officially make Oversight Requests without problems.
  • When a user downloaded a document with a password, the password validation came too late in the process. Now, you cannot download password-protected documents without first entering the password!
  • When adding pictures to an Action Item, you could only upload a single picture at a time. You can now upload multiple at once.
  • Now, you cannot click the download button when downloading an audit report without first entering a valid password.
  • The audit reports have received a redesign that make being able to view your audit details in a concise and effective manner a reality!
  • When viewing SOP Templates, users can now see the package information of the package that Template belongs to as well as the relevant category of the Template itself.
  • To navigate through SOP Templates, we added Previous and Next buttons to make the experience of looking at SOP Templates easier.
  • Some SOP tasks do not citations tied to them in our Templates, but we include them as they are tasks that are good steps for your business to take. So you know which tasks these are, we marked these tasks as “Best Practices”.
  • Users can now delete an instance of an SOP assignment.
  • We wanted you to be able to search your SOPs even more than you are able to now. So, we implemented the ability for you to search by Batch Number.
  • The naming of modules for Oversight Portal, so we renamed them to be more straightforward.
  • If you noticed the dropdown for adding documents in Smart Cabinet were formatted a little funny, you weren’t wrong. We updated the list to better display the document information.
  • We added more options to Upload Frequency for Smart Cabinet and Oversight Portal to include Quarterly and Bi-Annually.
  • We also removed the Bi-weekly and Semi-monthly options for Frequency of assigning SOPs.