Release 1.29.3

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July 25, 2018

We got 99 problems, and bugs are apparently more than one!

  • When assigning an Action Item to a user, the list of users to choose from refused to load. After getting the list to not be mad at us, we persuaded it to start listing users again.
  • A new algorithm we implemented led to when a user tried to look at SOP Templates, it took about 2 minutes to load. Although it is a lot of data, we knew we couldn’t keep you waiting that long. We refactored and now it pulls the SOP Templates for you in a flash!
  • When listing out the SOP Templates for a Package, it listed the Templates in too wide of a display, so it was too wide for your screen. The list has been resized to all fit on your screen.
  • Another issue that arose with SOP Templates was that the names of SOPs were breaking in the middle of a word if the screen size was too small. No mas!
  • There was a problem where the app thought MJBs who were being overseen through Oversight Portal were actually Overseers and displayed the wrong Oversight Portals. Don’t worry, the app now officially knows who is an Overseer and who is being overseen.
  • We encountered an issue that kept users from being able to finalize self-audits. We have tweaked the system so this feature is back to working properly. Sorry about that!
  • With our new ability for Administrators to delete an audit, we needed to make sure our confirmation messages were clearer than what we first wrote in order to make sure your Administrator understands exactly what they are doing. So, we cleaned that up, and it is all set!