Release 1.35.1

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November 2, 2018

Training Audits, Bulk Assignments for Smart Cabinet, and Custom SOPs for MJBs. This release is filled with new features as well as some updates throughout the app.

  • One issue we wanted to resolve was the problem of when training a new employee in our Audits, that Audit would essentially hurt your compliance record. Initially, we gave you the ability to delete these audits, but now, we are introducing a new kind of audit: the Training Audit! These will allow you to walk new employees through Audits while maintaining your compliance record.
  • In order to make dealing with assignments easier within Smart Cabinet, we have added the ability to create and remove assignments in bulk for every binder. Users will now have the ability to add assignments for all, past, and future Applied Periods
  • We have taken our Custom SOPs feature for Ancillary Companies and have now enabled these for Marijuana Businesses as well. These businesses can now create their own Custom SOP Templates and Packages and can share them with other companies.
  • Past Due Dates in Oversight Portal were appearing in the Upcoming tab, so we put them back in their own tab.
  • In order to continue to bring as much formatting as we can to our app, we have now incorporated Rich Text Formatting to all Action Items.
  • Document Types within Smart Cabinet have been adjusted so notifications for each Applied Period now are based on a number of days after an Applied Period ends that you select when creating the assignment.
  • Administrators will now only see the “Change Permission” link when they are the only Administrator on the account.