Release 1.36.0

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November 26, 2018

This release includes major internal adjustments as well as a small bug fix, a minor update, and the ability to now include more than the default three answers in order to allow for more complex situations that arise as more and more states continue to legalize!

  • In order to accommodate our expansion to many more states, we wanted to allow for any sort of situation that could affect an audit. For example, a business can get a waiver in MI that allows them to be noncompliant for a certain amount of time. To allow this, we have incorporated a way to have more answer options than our default answers of Yes, No, and Mark as Pending.
  • In Smart Cabinet, we fixed an issue that prevented the Start Date and Due Date from populating when accessing Edit Settings.
  • In the SOP Settings, Managers now have the ability to change the permissions of other managers.
  • Administrators can now see their credit card details in the Card Details tab in Settings.