Release 1.38.0

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December 31, 2018

This release includes several quality of life updates to SOPs, Smart Cabinet, and text changes throughout the app as well as the release of our new grouped emails: Accountability Alerts and Reminders.

  • In order to try to cut down on the amount we are emailing users, we have grouped all our emails we send users into two general categories: Accountability Alerts and Reminders.
  • We made several small design improvements throughout several modules to make navigation better and increase ease of use.
  • We updated the date picker used for Document Types in Smart Cabinet to only show years if the frequency selected is Yearly.
  • We reworked how we get data for SOPs to make the loading of the SOPs module as a whole faster.
  • The Manage SOPs submodule now has sorting on all columns to make viewing this table easier.
  • We also made it easier to see which version of an SOP is the most recent. All previous versions are greyed out while the most recent version will be black text.
  • Now, you have the ability to add both Binders and Document Types without ever leaving your Smart Cabinet.