Release 1.43.0

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February 28, 2019

This release includes several bug fixes as well as a couple quality of life improvements to Audit Reports and Oversight Portal.

  • An error was resolved where Accountability Alert emails were displaying the wrong information for uploaded document types.
  • We added error messaging for when a card is declined when reactivating your account.
  • We re-redirected an incorrect redirect for Ancillary Companies after rejected an audit request.
  • Extra validation was added to the Manage SOPs page so that the only states shown in the state dropdown are those where the company has locations.
  • We resolved an issue causing our email formatting to appear incorrectly on mobile devices.
  • We fixed incorrect formatting on the prompt that appears when adding a location as a Marijuana Business Administrator.
  • We corrected how our citations were appearing on SOPs. They should no longer be split in the middle across multiple lines!
  • We fixed a problem causing users to not be able to remove a “OP” (Oversight Portal) tag from a document in the Manage Documents submodule.
  • An issue with completion information missing and formatting being altered for a completed SOP was resolved.
  • After incorrectly entering a password on login, an issue arose where duplicate error messaging was appearing. This has since been fixed!
  • What changed: Downloadable Audit PDF’s now show you what categories were NOT covered for full visibility! We’ve also done some background work to make them a little snappier.
    Why it’s changing: Audits are how you figure out how compliant your business is, and we want those reports to be as useful as possible.
    Why it matters: This should be a really helpful addition for overseers as well as for Manager and Administrators for Marijuana Businesses. You now have a much more granular overview of your Audit Report and can effectively have a pulse on your business’s current compliance.
  • What changed: Oversight Portal Document Types can now be made  “Inactive”.
    Why it’s changing: I want the ability to suspend a document type so it doesn’t generate more applied periods.
    Why it matters: This probably won’t affect your internal use of the software very much, but sales and support should be aware of this new functionality.