Release 1.44.0

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March 18, 2019

This update is relatively small in terms of overall features, but has some big updates for larger clients, specifically the ability to save an Audit Report directly to Smart Cabinet. There are also some changes that are prerequisites for future updates and features.

  • What’s changing: PDF’s of Audit Reports can now be added directly to a smart cabinet.

    Why it’s changing:
    As we learn more about our larger clients needs, we learn about how differently certain clients need our features to work. This change was a feature request from a larger client that we expect to be useful for larger, multi-state Marijuana Businesses and Ancillary Companies.

    Why it matters:
    Users will now be able to save audit reports directly to smart cabinet by selecting “Save to Smart Cabinet” from the “Save Audit” button.

  • What’s changing: Updates to Quarterly / Bi-annual / and Yearly Applied Periods.

    Why it’s changing: We heard from lots of Simplifya users that the standard applied periods for Smart Cabinet and Oversight Portal didn’t fit their business needs, so we’ve provided greater flexibility in creating those applied periods so that you can make sure you’re getting reminded about the right things, at the right time.

    Why it matters: 

    • You can now start a Quarterly applied period at any time, and generate a 3-month period from that start date. 

      Applied Periods for “Bi-annual” and “Quarterly” now work the same as “Yearly” and are not grouped by Year. Which means a “Yearly” period can exist in two different calendar years.

      If an Applied Period exists in two different years (June 2019 – June 2020), then filtering by year will show applicable applied periods in both years.

  • What’s changing: In Oversight Portal, Document Types that are greater than 30 days away can now be visible.

    Why it’s changing:
    We heard from various users that they need to know about certain document types further than 30 days out.

    Why it matters:
    Users will now be able to check a box that will allow them to see all upcoming due dates.
  • What’s changing: Ancillary Companies can no longer create audits for companies unless they have been requested by a Marijuana Business.

    Why it’s changing:
    After an Marijuana Business emailed us letting us know that a 3rd party audit had been created for them without their knowledge. This is not a great experience for Marijuana Business clients and something that we want to prevent.

    Why it matters:
    Nothing about your day to day needs to change, but we want you all to know that this can’t happen anymore.