Release 1.45.2

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March 29, 2019

This release includes a couple updates to how Document Types and Applied Periods are created as well as a couple minor bug fixes.

  • Fixed an issue that was allowing users to create multiple packages at once (ie, hit the button, don’t wait for it to load, hit it again). That would have resulted in two of the same processes running, one of which wouldn’t finish. Now, it’s not possible to hit create without going fully through the “Create Package” flow.
  • Changed the date format in “Review Oversight Request” to match the rest of the Application.
  • We made updates that give you greater flexibility around Applied Periods. Quarterly Applied Periods now generate 3-months from a selected date, and not standard calendar Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 periods.

    Since you can set future dates during which to apply these 3 month quarters, you can now customize your due dates around your specific business timeframes.
  • You can now select a future date as a start date when creating a new Document Type!