Release 1.46.0

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April 11, 2019

This release focuses on some specific feature requests and updates that we’ve gotten from a number of different clients, mainly surrounding quality of life updates to Remediation Reports, SOPs, and Smart Cabinet, as well as some new functionality around Audits.

If you have questions about these features, or comments about what you’d like to see in Simplifya, send us an email at

  • With all the documents needed for compliance, it can be difficult to remember what you have where. As a complement to the ability to add a file to an SOP, you’ll get a warning letting you know if a Document that you’ll be deleting has been added to an SOP.

  • We’re working on making AUDITS more useful for all of our users. As a part of that process, you now have the option to show the compliance status of a question without having to finalize the Audit. This will provide great opportunities for Managers and Employees to review specific audit questions without having to start a brand new audit.

  • Based on user feedback, we’ve added some additional information to Remediation Reports PDFs, making them more actionable. Now, your Remediation Reports will show: the question for each Action item, your answer to that question, any relevant citations, and the user who resolved it.
  • If your company works in a couple of different states, choosing the right binder from the drop down menu in SMART CABINET can be confusing. We’ve added the state abbreviation that each Binder corresponds to so you can quickly and easily find the right one!

  • You can now add more than just images to SOPs while conducting them. We heard from a number of users that they were struggling with not being able to attach additional files while conducting an SOP. Now the assigned user can upload a file from their computer or attach one to Smart Cabinet.