Release 1.47.0

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April 29, 2019

With this release, we’re very happy to introduce custom labeling for SOPs, “State” and “Location” fields for SOPs, as well as changes to the visibility of Binders.

  • What: Company Logos on SOPs.

    Now your SOPs will feature your company’s logo on them! We’ve also removed the Simplifya branding from custom and edited SOPs. The picture uploaded in the Company Information page will now display instead of the Simplifya logo. Additionally your company’s name will display in the top left corner!

  • What: Ability to Add State and Location to SOPs.

    When creating an SOP, you now have the option to attach both “State” and “Location” information to that SOP. Below, you’ll find basic rules around permissions and visibility of the “State” and “Location” fields.

    When a user is adding a state, it will only show states in which their locations reside.

    When a user is adding a location, it will only show locations they belong to.

    The state and location of an SOP determine if a user can see that SOP —
    see more below.

    e.g. a
    CO Manager would not see an SOP attached to CA

    Users can add a single state or multiple locations to a single SOP. This can be done from Manage SOPs and will soon be able to do it via the “View Details” pane.

    Only Administrators, Managers and users with the “Edit SOP” permission will be able to add to/change these fields.

    This feature works in tandem with the current “By User” and “By Role” permissions settings. —
    see more below.

    Adding both state and location are optional. They can be used independent of each other.

  • What: Ability to Edit Zip Code in Payment Methods.

    Administrators can now edit the zip code for their payment method.

  • What: Changes to the visibility of Binders.

    Everyone on your team should be able to see the things relevant to them. We’ve made some changes to the visibility of Binders so that everyone on your team can find what they need, without seeing things that they shouldn’t. Now, Administrators will be able to see all Binders, but Managers and Employees will only be able to see state-specific Binders in states where they are added to a location.