Release 1.49.0

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May 28, 2019

This release features some updates to existing features as well as some background functionality for an upcoming feature.

  • Now, you can add additional file types to Action Items. If you’re commenting on or resolving an action item, you can now upload xlsx, xls, csv, docx, pdf, doc, and ppt files to your Action Items.
  • Now, when assigning a Binder to a user, the list options will be restricted to users also assigned to the same state and location as the Binder.
  • Now, when creating a State and Local Audit, you’ll receive a pop-up notification alerting you to possible discrepancies between state and local regulations.
  • You can now view, deactivate, or delete a license, even if that license isn’t valid or active anymore.
  • We made some adjustments to the right-side pane on the Oversight Portal in order to increase visibility. 
  • Now, when assigning an SOP, only relevant locations will be shown in the dropdown.