Release 1.51.0

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June 24, 2019

This release introduces bulk action on Action Items, along with some other smaller quality of life changes, and behind-the-scenes work for other features.

  • When we built Simplifya, we initially made the decision to mark all questions left marked “Pending” as “Non-Compliant” during a finalized audit report. As we’ve listened to your feedback, we’ve decided to change the way “Pending” answers are tabulated in finalized audit reports. All questions marked “Pending” will now show as “Pending” in finalized audit reports.
  • Now, your “Manage SOPs” page will default to only show “Current” SOPs. You can see non-current SOPs via dropdown filter.
  • In your company’s Settings module, we’ve made it so you are only able to add your METRC information if you are in a METRC state for which Simplifya is a licensed integrator.
  • We’ve cleaned up and streamlined the process of adding an Audit to Smart Cabinet.
  • We’ve added a “Last Revised Date” to our SOP Templates Screen, so you can easily see the last time we made changes to an SOP Template.