Release 1.55.0



August 19, 2019

Our last update before releasing our new Dashboard! This release is mostly small changes to get ready for this weeks release of Dashboard.

  • Simplifya Admin can now change the compliance status of questions without having to unpublish questions.
  • Now, if the compliant answers were made visible during an audit, the Remediation Report will display a banner indicating that.
  • Now, attempting to delete a Smart Cabinet Doc that’s being used in an SOP will display a warning prompt letting you know where the document is being used. 
  • Various small fixes for the new Dashboard.
  • You can now generate a Remediation Report even if an Audit has no action items.
  • Action Items now have an “In Review” stage so that managers.
  • SOP Header fields now require users to hit “update” in order to save changes made in SOP headers.