Release 1.8.0

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March 22, 2017

Version 1.8.0 brings a boost of efficiency to your team. We’ve empowered Managers with the ability to create and assign audits, and added a new notification that emails assignees 48 hours before their audit begins.

  • Previously, we thought it would be best to only have Administrators be able to create and request audits, but after seeing how the app has been used, we’ve decided to give this ability to Managers as well.
  • You will now receive an email notification 48 hours before an audit so you doesn’t forget!
  • There was a bug that caused some times to be formatted to a 24-hour clock. We don’t want to count that high so all times are now back in AM/PM.
  • For some reason, you could download an audit report before the audit was finalized. But patience is a virtue and we want you to make sure you get the whole picture, so an audit report can now only be downloaded after an audit is finalized.
  • After carefully analyzing the audit report, we decided that it was more difficult to comprehend than we hoped. So, we redesigned the report so it’s easier to read.
  • When an audit is completed, the status of the audit appears as “Synced” in the Audit Report Manager.
  • We updated the registration process for new companies and new locations so managers will add the corresponding phone numbers.
  • We made the error message clearer when a user attempts to view a “Pending” audit report.
  • We like to be legally compliant here at Simplifya so our copyright information on the website is now updated.