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In a highly regulated industry like cannabis, compliance is essential for the most valuable asset in any cannabis business – the license to operate.

“Operational compliance,” as the phrase implies, covers all of the regulations related to operating your business. Depending on your license type, the scope includes everything from checking IDs at the door to keeping video surveillance recordings to buying seeds and more. Don’t be fooled into thinking your business is compliant just because your POS or S2S system is compliant. Those areas are important, but they are focused on specific subsets of the regulations. Operational compliance is comprehensive, and that’s what is needed to maintain a license in good standing.

Established in 2016, Simplifya is the leading and longest-running operational compliance software company in the industry. We streamline complex regulations and deliver value through easy-to-use technology. We are trusted by the largest MSOs and smaller operators alike because at the end of the day, protecting a license means ensuring operational compliance.

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“Simplifya has allowed Eaze to build a seamless internal audit experience, providing a platform to evaluate our delivery processes against state and local regulations. Our teams have been able to monitor compliance confidently throughout California and we know that Simplifya’s tools will continue to adapt to our ever-changing industry, allowing Eaze to do the same.”

Alyssa Clemmer

Compliance Specialist

“Simplifya has taken the complexities of operating in multiple markets and consolidated them into one easy to use platform. Whether you are a multi state operator, or a one location business, they have the proactive approach to compliance that you’ve been looking for.”

Tyler Burke

Director of Corporate Compliance

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“Simplifya pays for itself in so many ways. For example, expensive 3rd party audits are performed quicker and easier due to the work that our internal team is able to do with Simplifya. Travel is also reduced because I can have on-site staff in remote facilities across the state and the country do thorough audits instead of having to fly in costly auditors every quarter.”

Wesley Hein

Head of Legal, Public Affairs


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Simplifya in the News

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