About Simplifya:Your Cannabis Compliance Company

It’s Not About Us. It’s About You.

Founded in 2016 in partnership with the Vicente Sederberg law firm, Simplifya is the leading regulatory and operational compliance software platform serving the cannabis industry.

That’s why we’re here. We do love compliance. Our goal is to help you understand the landscape of cannabis compliance and provide simple steps for you to ensure every employee operates in compliance, maintain and demonstrate your company’s history of compliance, hold employees accountable, remediate any potential issues, and ultimately, mitigate the risk associated with non-compliance.

At Simplifya, we’re dedicated to providing user-friendly software that makes it a lot easier for your cannabis business to stay compliant with regulations. We know you didn’t get into the cannabis business because you love compliance. Unfortunately in the cannabis industry, falling out of compliance can result in fines, damage your reputation, and in some severe cases, can even shutter your business and cost you your license.





200 +



125 Years

Combined Cannabis Experience


350 +

Agencies Monitored


33,800 +

Pages of Regulations Simplified

Our portfolio of products makes sure you’ll stay compliant, whatever your needs are.



Schedule/track the many tasks required to manage and maintain compliance. Take the guesswork out of always changing regulations with personalized self-audits, best practice SOP templates, track anything that requires renewal, and store all valuable data in one place for easy reference.


Simplifya Market Guide

Our regulatory platform with easy to read, state-by-state summaries, that includes information about many vital topics.


Simplifya Verified

Verify the status and validity of each license from our proprietary cannabis license verification service.