Colorado’s top cannabis regulator reveals his insight into the industry

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Insight into Cannabis Regulators and compliance within the industry

Link to full interview here — In order to be successful, cannabis companies must traverse a patchwork of state and local regulations while also remaining competitive in a steadily growing marketplace. They frequently have to make complex business decisions, often aimed at achieving compliance while minimizing disruption to their optimal operating … Read More

California should follow Colorado’s lead on packaging and labeling

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California's Packaging and Labeling Deadlines Are The Same Mistakes Colorado Used To Make

Earlier this month, the two largest cannabis markets in the country, Colorado and California, underwent some pretty significant regulatory changes. Colorado adopted an entirely new set of packaging and labeling requirements (again!) late last year and expected compliance on July 1, 2018. California required its cannabis products to be tested, packaged, … Read More

California regulators coming! Be prepared!

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As California regulators continue to implement its complex system, we are seeing the first real regulatory audits of cannabis businesses. With that in mind, the hard-working folks over at Simplifya are launching a new initiative to help California cannabis businesses (and their brethren across the country) prepare for – and … Read More