Your Company Needs SOPs ASAP

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SOPs are integral to any business' success. Especially in the cannabis industry.

What Is The Deal With SOPs? Developing written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is critical for cannabis businesses. Operating procedures, in some jurisdictions, are even required as part of the application for a business license. Mandatory or not, they are a useful tool that companies can use to define various tasks. SOPs can cover areas such as expectations of employees, facilitating … Read More

Finding suppliers for your cannabis business

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marijuana suppliers

Finding the right products to sell at your store or to use in infused goods and edibles you’re planning to make requires careful considerations of price, quality, and logistics. However, did you know there’s also a regulatory component to product sourcing cannabis entrepreneurs must maneuver, too? If you’ve followed our earlier blog posts in this series, you know cannabis entrepreneurs … Read More

Applying for business licenses

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sample business licenses

Starting a business means dealing with red tape to get off the ground. However, if you’re starting a cannabis business, you will need to apply for and obtain the proper business licenses. Everyone in this industry will need at least one state license to operate. To add complexity, most cities and counties also have separate licensing processes in place for … Read More

Finding property for a cannabis business

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You have a passion for cannabis. You see the industry’s potential to grow. What you once thought as far fetched – owning a legal cannabis business – now seems like a fulfilling, rewarding venture. You’ve decided to start a marijuana concern of your own. But what are the necessary steps involved with getting one off the ground? Over the course … Read More

Confused By California’s Cannabis Regulations? Fear Not!

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If California’s cannabis regulatory landscape has left you confused or frustrated, you are not alone. Thanks to its complex and, at times, contradictory rules, even Simplifya’s compliance experts have found themselves scratching their heads. Fortunately, they’re doing it so that you won’t have to! We built the Simplifya app to help cannabis businesses of all types navigate this bewildering maze … Read More

Avoid those package and labeling blues

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Package and labeling rules got you down? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Our clients often tell us they’re having trouble making sense of these intricate regulations for the wide variety of cannabis products on the market in California and Colorado. Federal law further complicates matters, as entities growing, manufacturing, and dispensing cannabis and related products can’t simply search for the … Read More