Automated SOPs make compliance a breeze

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Good news, everyone! Simplifya now offers templates for state-required Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in California! Not only that, we offer a variety of additional SOPs that cover best practices for many different license types. Simplifya SOPs You may be wondering, “Why do I need SOPs from Simplifya if I already … Read More

Improving the readability of our audit content

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We recently executed “Operation Easy Read” with the goal of improving the readability of our audit content. “Not written in layperson terms” and “too much legal jargon” were consistent pieces of feedback. We took it upon ourselves to review every question and action item. We forced ourselves to find shorter … Read More

How to prepare for an inspection

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The Cannabis Business Times recently published an interesting article with tips on how to prepare for a regulatory inspection. The tips come from Rino Ferrarese, Chief Operating Officer of Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions, and serve as a reminder that at some point your products or your business will be inspected – and the consequences of … Read More