How to prepare for an inspection

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The Cannabis Business Times recently published an interesting article with tips on how to prepare for a regulatory inspection. The tips come from Rino Ferrarese, Chief Operating Officer of Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions, and serve as a reminder that at some point your products or your business will be inspected – and the consequences of not passing can be dire. We encourage you to read … Read More

The importance of compliance in the post-Cole Memo era

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinds Cole Memo

The entire cannabis industry received a bit of a shock on January 4, when U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo and four other similar memos that had guided Department of Justice enforcement priorities related to cannabis since 2009. These memos had set forth a policy under which the Department would not prioritize enforcement actions against individuals and … Read More

A simple way to estimate cost of compliance

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We hear a variety of objections that boil down to some form of “I’ll take my chances.” The statement implies that the cost of compliance with marijuana regulations is greater than the cost of non-compliance, but is that really true? The answer, of course, is that it depends. Cost of Compliance The cost of compliance varies widely based on the … Read More

Protecting water rights for hemp farmers

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Last week, I got an email blast from Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) and one of the updates was about protecting water rights for hemp farmers. I’ve always been curious about where the hemp and marijuana industries differ and overlap, so I took the click bait. Here’s an excerpt: A pilot program created by the 2014 Farm Bill granted permission to … Read More

Hickenlooper’s advice to marijuana businesses

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Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper was recently interviewed on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd. Though nearly lost amidst all of the buzz surrounding Trump’s one-page tax plan, there are some interesting takeaways that Colorado marijuana businesses especially should note. The full nearly-10 minute interview covers several topics, but the early focus is Hickenlooper’s summary of a meeting he had with Attorney General … Read More

Denver’s Initiative 300 faces immediate setback

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The success of Denver’s Initiative 300 is facing a serious setback courtesy of a new regulation from the Colorado Department of Revenue that expressly prohibits consumption of marijuana at any place that has a liquor license. Translation: you won’t be able to legally smoke up at a bar in Denver, even though Initiative 300’s passage was in part paving the … Read More

The compliance officer’s dilemma

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The true measure of success for a compliance officer lies in creating a culture of compliance that permeates the organization. He needs to make every employee a compliance officer of sorts, and the greater his degree of success in doing so, the less the need for any one individual with “compliance” in his title. He is working himself out of … Read More

Simplifya launches groundbreaking cannabis compliance software in Colorado

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Denver-based company helps local marijuana businesses stay compliant with complex industry regulations November 15, 2016 DENVER, CO – Today, Simplifya launched its highly anticipated software, making it easier for businesses, law firms, consultants, financial institutions and regulatory agencies to monitor cannabis licensee operations for compliance with state and local regulations. Some of Colorado’s most recognized marijuana licensees are currently piloting … Read More

Simplifya completes Series A funding

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Hypur Ventures leads investment in cannabis tech company September 22, 2016 SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Simplifya, a portfolio company of Hypur Ventures, announced today that it has completed its Series A capital financing stage. Simplifya is a software company operating in the legalized marijuana industry that assists businesses, law firms, consultants, financial institutions and regulatory agencies with monitoring cannabis licensee operations … Read More

Powerhouse MJ law firms team up on compliance software

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Two legal powerhouses in the marijuana industry are branching into the software business, hoping to generate profits in a new line of business. California-based Greenbridge Corporate Counsel and Colorado-based Vicente Sederberg have tapped Denver tech entrepreneur Marion Mariathasan to develop a software package to help cannabis companies and others involved in the industry comply with the law. While dispensary owners … Read More