BCC regulations

BCC Regulations: What Retailers Should Know!

You’ve read our blog about the new rules for California’s cannabis cultivators. Then you were rapt by our summary of California’s new cannabis manufacturing regulations. But we’re not done telling you about the new cannabis regulations in California yet!

Those on the front line of the cannabis industry, retailers and distributors, have a bevy of dense regulatory language to unpack, thanks to new rules from the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) that recently took effect.  If you’re in either of those businesses in California, you undoubtedly have some questions. Let me take this opportunity to offer some insight on the updated BCC regulations.

Some Background on BCC regulations

The three state agencies overseeing California’s marijuana industry, the BCC, California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued their so-called permanent regulations for cannabis businesses in December 2018. Those new regulations went into effect in mid-January 2019 and replace the emergency rules the industry had been operating under since the adult-use market became legal.

The BCC’s regulations cover cannabis retailers, distributors, and microbusinesses. The CDFA’s regulations affect cannabis cultivators and the CDPH’s rules apply to manufacturers of various marijuana products. Simpifya’s regulatory analysts diligently worked to update our platform so it was ready for the changes by the time the new rules became mandatory.

Home Deliveries!

You may be asking yourself, what exactly changed?  Retailers saw some clarification from the BCC in the new regulations, especially concerning deliveries to customers.

In particular, the BCC’s new regulations outline a specific process that allows technology platforms to arrange for deliveries. The rules specify that the technology platforms may not make the actual cannabis delivery to customers. However, a BCC-licensed entity must conduct the delivery. These rules may mean certain licensed operators in the cannabis delivery space will need to rethink their business models.

BCC regulations

Advertising and Promotions

The new regulations cover so much more than deliveries. Any California retailer or distributor that advertises their products must take care to not advertise within 15-miles of certain roads or highways that cross a state border.

In addition, retailers must end any “buy one, get one free” promotions and ANY contests, sweepstakes, or raffles under the new regulations.

Commitment to Clients

We know the regulatory changes affect our clients in countless ways. I won’t go into the positive or negative consequences of the changes, but Simplifya’s regulatory analysts worked long hours to update our audit questions, SOP content, and Smart Cabinet documentation storage tool to make the transition as easy as possible.

We’re proud of our work and if you need an easy-to-use compliance platform for your California cannabis business, please request a demo. To our existing clients, if you have any questions or feedback about our updated California content, we would love to hear it!

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