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Starting a business means dealing with red tape to get off the ground. However, if you’re starting a cannabis business, you will need to apply for and obtain the proper business licenses. Everyone in this industry will need at least one state license to operate. To add complexity, most cities and counties also have separate licensing processes in place for cultivators, manufacturers, and dispensaries. Where do you start?

After finding real estate for your cannabis business, it’s time to get your applications in order. As you recall from my last post, it’s essential your landlord knows you’ll be operating a cannabis business on their property if you’re renting. It will make the licensure process proceed more smoothly.

First, you need to determine which licenses you need for your premises. This is where you may need some outside help from an attorney or another professional in your area. In California, for instance, there are dozens of license types available and some depend on the size of your operation. Colorado’s licensing structure is more straightforward, but still requires careful consideration and thoughtful work to complete.

On a state level, you will also need to gather a great deal of paperwork to submit with your application. This paperwork ranges from ownership details to detailed renderings of your premises to ensure you’re complying with security requirements. Cities and counties may have their own set of business documents you’ll need to submit, too.

Be sure to start reviewing your state and locality’s application requirements early. The more you time you have to gather the proper documents and to complete any forms, the less chance you’ll face surprises when dealing with authorities. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to begin selling to your customers, which is always better than jumping through regulatory hoops.

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