Finding suppliers for your cannabis business

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Finding the right products to sell at your store or to use in infused goods and edibles you’re planning to make requires careful considerations of price, quality, and logistics. However, did you know there’s also a regulatory component to product sourcing cannabis entrepreneurs must maneuver, too?

If you’ve followed our earlier blog posts in this series, you know cannabis entrepreneurs face unique hurdles some other startups don’t. Finding suppliers is no different. In fact, state and local authorities overseeing your business may require your suppliers to follow their regulations, too.

Confused? Don’t be. Simplifya is designed to help figure out when you need to make sure your suppliers need to be in compliance with your state and city’s regulations. Request a free demo to see for yourself how we can help you today!

Informing your suppliers they need to comply with unfamiliar regulations isn’t always easy. For example, if you have an edibles supplier outside your city, they may not know they need to follow some of your city’s cannabis regulations. That’s why it’s important to get to know your suppliers and build a good rapport with them. Doing so will make potentially difficult conversations easier.

In addition, encourage your suppliers to sign-up for a free Simplifya demo. That will give you assurance they’re striving to be compliant with various state-level regulations they need to follow to sell to you.

Unfortunately, there may be an occasional instance when a supplier refuses to work with you. It’s important to remember who is in control. If you’ve tried to get a supplier into compliance and they won’t budge, vote with your wallet and find a new supplier who is willing work with you. Many other companies will gladly work with you to get your business.

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