Cannabis: Regulatory Compliance 101

Cannabis Regulatory Compliance in 2020

Staying on top of your state’s regulatory compliance is important for every licensed operator working in the cannabis industry; especially now, in the age of coronavirus when most states have layered even more stringent emergency regulations on the industry. Our regulatory affairs team recently put together a series of blogs with their top cannabis compliance tips, which can serve as useful guides for any business or individual wanting to make sure they are laying a strong foundation of compliance!

Regulatory Compliance Tips for Cannabis Businesses

We compiled a list of our eight top-priority cannabis compliance tips for any business or employee in the industry.

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Regulatory Compliance Tips for Cannabis Manufacturers

Manufacturers bear some of the highest compliance standards because they are producing cannabis products. In order to gain consumer trust and help maintain product consistency, we’ve identified seven compliance tips specifically for manufacturers.

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Regulatory Compliance Tips for Cannabis Cultivators

cannabis compliance

In the age of coronavirus, cultivation farms should be extra vigilant about tracking their employee’s health and wellness. Our 10 tips for cultivators take indoor and outdoor grow facilities into account in this resource-filled blog post.

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Regulatory Compliance Tips For Cannabis Retailers

We asked two of our team members who, prior to working at Simplifya, worked in a retail capacity for well-known, vertically-integrated, multi-state cannabis operators, about what they believe are the key compliance tips all cannabis retailers should know. These five retail tips are essential for any licensed medical or adult-use cannabis dispensary in the US. 

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