Automated SOPs make compliance a breeze

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Good news, everyone! Simplifya now offers templates for state-required Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in California! Not only that, we offer a variety of additional SOPs that cover best practices for many different license types. You may be wondering, “Why do I need SOPs from Simplifya if I already have my own?” Simply put, ours will provide you with peace of … Read More

Avoid those package and labeling blues

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Package and labeling rules got you down? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Our clients often tell us they’re having trouble making sense of these intricate regulations for the wide variety of cannabis products on the market in California and Colorado. Federal law further complicates matters, as entities growing, manufacturing, and dispensing cannabis and related products can’t simply search for the … Read More

Introducing the Old and Negative Package Reports

Dave NestoffNew Features


Not long after joining the ranks of Metrc validated integrators earlier this year, we began ideating ways we could make our clients smarter (and more compliant) with their seed-to-sale data. After a couple months of planning, building, and revising, we’re ecstatic to unleash the first two reports in a new module we call “Analytics”. Old Package Reports and Negative Package … Read More