Avoid those package and labeling blues

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Package and labeling rules got you down? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Our clients often tell us they’re having trouble making sense of these intricate regulations for the wide variety of cannabis products on the market in California and Colorado.

Federal law further complicates matters, as entities growing, manufacturing, and dispensing cannabis and related products can’t simply search for the correct label or package on Google. The federal position on marijuana means each state must develop and enforce its own cannabis package and labeling regulations.

This means business owners and managers must dive headfirst into trying to understand their state’s unique set of standards. That’s no easy task when you’re trying to attend to other pressing matters. Recent changes to Colorado’s labeling requirements, and the uncertainty surrounding the permanence of California’s cannabis rules, further complicate matters.

Getting rid of the packaging and labeling blues

How can cannabis businesses stay compliant in such a challenging regulatory environment?

Simplifya makes it easy. While we can’t design your labels or provide compliant packaging, we’ve made package and labeling audits available for our California and Colorado clients. This feature allows you to check the packaging and labels you use to ensure you’re following your state’s rules. It even points out how to improve your packages and labels if they are out of compliance.

We’re also keeping an eye out for regulatory changes. We’ll revise the package and labeling audit content to ensure you learn about required changes before they take effect.

Staying compliant with these elaborate regulations makes business sense for a couple reasons. Of course, remaining compliant will help keep you in the good graces of your state’s inspectors. Also, if you’re selling products wholesale to a dispensary, keeping compliant with packaging and labeling regulations will make it easier for your buyers to know your product won’t get them into trouble.

Rather than getting in a funk about the complexities of cannabis packaging and labeling, let Simplifya show you how easy it can be to maintain compliance. Schedule a demo with us today!

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