December 2021 Software Release Notes

Here’s a rundown of the updates/changes we’ve made to the software in December 2021:

  1. New “Users” module
    This morning, we released a new “Users” module. It’s not really much more than a facelift, but there a few small changes:

    • Now, more of the onus is on Administrators to add Manager users. Previously, an Administrator could add a Manager, and that Manager could then add/remove other Managers. We’ve now made it so:
      • Administrators can add/delete Managers and Employees;
      • Managers can only add/delete Employees; and
      • Employees cannot add/delete anyone else.
    • There is no longer “Active” / “Inactive” status for a user. Those statuses were originally something we included when we first launched, but were somewhat redundant and confused a lot of users. We wanted to simplify this, so now there are fewer user statuses (active, invited, deleted).
    • To make it consistent with other areas of the app, the actions you can take on a user are now within an ellipses icon. If the icon is not present, that means the user does not have the permission level to make edits to that other user.
    • You can now sort by columns. A small change, but makes it so much easier to use this module!

      screenshot of the new Users module
  2. Auditors can now add a “Summary” to their audits
    We’ve actually heard this from a few clients in the past. Previously, auditors could add notes to each question on the audit, but did not have the ability to provide any sort of notes about the audit overall. We’ve added an “Audit Summary” section to each audit.

    • This section can be edited while the audit is both in “Review” and “Finalized” statuses.
    • When a summary is added to an audit, the Audit Summary will have its own page in the audit report PDF (between the cover page and the “Overview” page where we display the audited categories).
    • The Summary section is collapsible/expandable. If text is added, it defaults to expanded. If no text is there, it defaults to collapsed.
  3. You can now add custom questions to Simplifya Audits
    We brought it back! We used to be able to do this, but the process was so confusing that we removed it and completely bifurcated Simplifya audits and Custom audits. Now, there’s an option on the Create Audit form that will allow you to add your own Question Groups to a Simplifya audit. This is a much more elegant solution than what we had before.

We’ll share more here as it’s released!

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