Andrea Lesica

Andrea Lessica
Regulatory Affairs Coordinator
877.464.8398 x711
Best ways to break the ice: Talk to her about plants, rocks, dogs (or all animals), color theory, art, bicycles, colloquial expressions, baking, and/or breakfast food.

Born and raised in Wisconsin (Wuh-Scahnsin), Andrea made her way to Colorado in 2015 after spending significant time in Boise, Idaho and the Bay Area, California. She found herself working in the cannabis industry in the fall of 2016, and worked her way through careers in a dispensary, cultivation facility (talk to her about terpenes!), and testing facility before she joined the Simplifya family. When Andrea isn’t at work, she can be found hanging out with her corgi Piper, trying out a new restaurant or bakery, going on adventures, or making things and playing with tools at the art studio she is a member of.