Joyce Hanlon

Joyce Hanlon
Territory Lead
Best ways to break the ice: I love tennis and sports of all kinds and I love to travel. We can talk about the US state capitals, their architecture and the cities they reside in. I have visited 23 of our 50 states so that means more travel and that’s exciting. We can talk tennis especially if you are looking to hit with a 4.0 player. We can talk about the Houston Astros making it to the World Series!
I recently moved from Houston, Texas and am so happy to be in Colorado! It has taken me years to make the move here. My first introduction to Colorado was in High School and a ski trip to Steamboat Springs that hooked me. I knew then I had to be this amazing state.

I love hiking, biking & swimming. I’m an avid tennis player and I’m always looking to hit with someone.

I love sales. I’ve tried other things but I’m most at home when speaking with a prospective customer and helping them discover the new product that they need for their business.  I’m very excited about what Simplifya has to offer in the cannabis industry and can’t wait to meet my new customers!