JP Hall

Business Development Manager
Territory Lead
877.464.8398 x712
Best ways to break the ice: Talk about travel, music, the last movie you've seen, basketball, football (especially fantasy football), pop culture, hobbies/interests outside of work.

JP is a seasoned sales and marketing professional with 5 years of experience in multiple industries. His experience includes selling various products such as top-tier synthetic sports turf and SaaS specific to the cannabis industry. Through his work experience and background, JP has developed a keen sense of sales expertise. Throughout his sales journey, he has discovered that there is virtually nothing on earth that brings as much personal satisfaction as being able to save another person time, money or frustration because of the goods, products, and services you have to offer. As an LA native, JP enjoys exercising, hiking, beaches, and spending time with his 3-year old son, Kairo.