Luke Ewing

Luke Ewing, Regulatory Analyst
Regulatory Analyst
Best ways to break the ice: Talk to me about your music tastes (especially bluegrass, techno or punk), reforming the War on Drugs, or ask me about my extensive collection of garden gnomes!

Luke is a recent graduate of the University of Colorado’s School of Law. During law school, he pursued his dual interests in Tech Law and Cannabis Law. During his time at the Cato Institute, he researched the effects of marijuana legalization on traffic incidents and rates of drug usage among minors. His time at the Samuelson-Glushko Tech Law Clinic culminated in a presentation in Geneva to the World Intellectual Property Organization, part of the UN, concerning the intersection of copyright law and disability law. He also received his bachelor’s degree from CU, where he studied Philosophy and Physics. Before law school, he spent time working in blasting and construction, handling explosives, and helping erect a radio tower near Red Rocks.